About memories

I’m Howard Thomas – a fourteenth generation South African.
I grew up in the fifties and sixties in Johannesburg. As Dickens said, “They were the best of times, they were the worst of times.”
These are my memories – of the best and the worst.
The worst – because we were poor, times were hard and it was not a picture book childhood for me.
The best – because I didn’t know anything else. It was normal to me, and I was happy.

3 thoughts on “About memories

  1. Keith Thomas

    Hi Howard,
    Came across your “A Genealogy Report For HOWARD CHARLES THOMAS” and was interested as I have researched my own THOMAS line predominantly in Cornwall, but also covering Australia, USA and South Africa, Cornish miners and all that!.

    I was particularly interested in your 7th Generation and Richard TOLL Thomas (95) married to Grace Roberts (96) and I am afraid to say I think there is an error here unless of course I am mistaken. The birth date your report quotes for Richard Toll Thomas is in fact a Baptism for Richard Thomas Baptised Gwithian 7th March 1737 whereas Richard Toll Thomas was Baptised 12th March 1737 in St Gluvias, Penryn. Both these are quoted on Cornwall OPC but also in the IGI. My thinking is that the Richard Thomas of Gwithian is the correct ancestor of yours (and mine). I would be pleased to hear from you whether you concur or have further evidence.

    Incidentally I have strong links with William Cock of Port Alfred and Kowie River fame and also Joyce Burkitt Fetterly of “One Cornishman’s Children” fame both obviously with the strong South African connections.

    1. busvannah Post author

      I have checked, and though the references I have are contradictory (FamilySearch is no help), it makes sense that you are right. I’ve never been to my ancestral Penrun, but if ever I go, I will check the records myself.


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